do a web site, first of all, take into account the people your site faces. Internet users must be doing their favorite things, even if active or passive browsing your station, they will feel your stand is not his favorite station, then it will exist, like more like, hate, more annoying.

so we must do a good job of locating our users when we are standing. So, how do users choose and divide it? Here I write some of my personal ideas, I hope the site novice some help.

Internet users, the crowd basically has the following categories, which can be divided into several forms to separate.

one, age

80 years ago, the Internet generally accepted knowledge more, more serious, life pressure is big, this kind of people love the site on the stock, financial, business, fiction, storytelling, news more, this kind of person is very sensible, they are less shopping on the Internet, the Internet is a basic purpose, other operation generated less. It can be said to be more astute.


90, such people were relatively open in their thinking, the times changed, the education received was more diverse, serious, formal, and traditional knowledge was basically accepted. All that leads to such people is very different. A rational mind; a chaotic chaos. Their favorite sites are: stocks, finance, entrepreneurship, novels, pictures, pornography, dating, chat, online shopping, games. It can be said that these people are the mainstay of today’s network. Network knowledge is also relatively strong, if you want to also more willing to spend money on the network.

90, these people are basically not very assertive, love all conform to the trend, the site is more than love games, chat, online shopping activities, is also the main network of consumer groups, more loyal users who is idiotic game. Of course, do not rule out or to have so many people have strong consciousness and ability, is different from other Internet users, so these estimates is the future pillar of the state.

two, Internet hobby, purpose

knowledge-based entrepreneurs, such people have their own judgment and insight, perhaps he is online to understand the project he is operating prices and can further help information. Or looking for more successful projects, don’t expect you to cheat them. If you do have good projects, you can find them and work with them more successfully.

confused entrepreneurs, such people, third brain cells are more developed, all day thinking about making money, but do not understand what money really needs to do, then every day looking for big money, making quick money road. What security at the end of day to earn hundreds of thousands, what can let you earn hundreds of thousands of millions of years are what they are most interested in. Such people make enough of the individuals of such people. This kind of person is best to cheat, give a little temptation, give some trust, give a little sweet, promise a little bit, he will give you a lot of money, and never thought that this is what he taught

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