SEO is an entry, simple, well done, difficult to do the industry. Personal feeling than learning to site easy, but want to learn fine, also have to learn website program, don’t need to master, at least will see the program, whether or not written in line with our SEO requirements. Remember a few days ago, Tao Tao wrote: "learning SEO need to know the procedure?"

The continuous evolution of

technology is becoming more and more advanced. Search engines are constantly updated and perfected, and of course they want to show the best things to the search users in the best possible way. Then we do a SEOER, certainly also need to constantly adapt to the renewal and evolution of technology and the new search engine, so we also need to constantly recharge themselves, usually choose some what way to Yanzhou electric


1, industry news

as an Internet industry people, we should pay more attention to the latest developments in the Internet, the fastest way is through the news media. General SEO industry, search engine news, will be the fastest to be reproduced by the webmaster network, so we should take the time to come out every day to understand the news. Otherwise, we are in the industry every day, the Internet, what happened, what new changes, what do not know, that’s sad.

2, go to famous blog, study

general blog is basically personal nature, basically many industry experience will be written on the blog. In the blog above to see things, than go to search engines casually looking for, the quality is much higher. Generally no one is willing to cheat on their blog bar, if this is true, then this blog is not doing well, there is no way to get the popularity up.

Compared with the well-known

industry blog: ZAC, China Ping, Lu Songsong, Mou Changqing, star, Xiao Han, Xiao Jun and so on, believe that often visits to these friends blog bloggers are not strange! They blog articles, many of which are very valuable for dry cargo.

3, take part in advanced training,

many principles of things, not simple operation, and oneself can understand. Many people say that SEO is a simple technique, and I feel that they don’t know SEO well. If SEO is the number of keywords to Baidu home page, it does not exist so many people need? Why do people a year to create millions of value, some can barely live? Is this

can not explain the problem?

‘s success is not accidental but inevitable, so we should as far as possible according to their actual situation, in some advanced training, otherwise, repeat every day to do a simple operation is difficult to further enhance.

4, take the initiative to know more than yourself famous person

well said, man is the product of the environment. If you have a circle of friends are smokers, alcoholics gambler, goat, then you are a devil.

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