2006, the website was about to enter the golden age of early, then their views on the site is very small, even can be said to be the site is what all don’t know, after a special event at the beginning of 2007, because at that time is still in school, they have nothing to do some part-time, selling mobile phone cards at school. But the propaganda just posted some characters in the school newspaper on the news. Say how much one, how affordable, what functions?.

at the time of the benefits are optimistic, but after a period of time, business as usual, you are tired, do not want to do, by chance in the Internet aimlessly found an own drinking water machine cleaning a company to join www.okqingxi.com, the first feeling is a company to do cleaning appliances. Not what new ideas, but to enter the site to see, I was wrong, completely mistaken, not just cleaning appliances, but a large household cleaning alliance.

had an idea why not as drop from the clouds, I do, my strength is limited, every day to sell a few mobile phone card has been pretty good, if I come in a number of mobile phone card, and then let them move to each agent does not do better, then give them some rebate per agent. At that time, put this idea in the mind, because they did not do so, and I do not know there is no bottom, but I am the character of this person, what to think of what to do, I think, try it.

second days to find the class know buddy, at first they didn’t like, second days I find they call a room in our restaurant to eat a meal, or simply to say that I thought they had just begun to doubt the reason is that if a card does not sell, we you are not white manghu. That’s what I told them: "if I can’t buy it, I’ll give you one in a week and give it to you free of charge so they can help me with the job.".

so I have a long experience in marketing, 07 years later I was in contact with the website, website marketing, I did not do so, it instead of my own operating their own station, in 08 in the second half of the financial crisis, the network in a dormant state, almost the entire network has different problems size. During that time, I also changed my purpose of running websites. What is the terminator?.

has been bothering me for a long time. In the end, I think of websites as the bottom line of an industry. And then start every little bit, until now found that the terminator is the history of human development.

from ancient times there is the Silk Road, and until now, marketing has spread throughout the human race. The way has shifted from basic physical marketing to virtual marketing, but virtual security has been increasing. In the near future, there will be new patterns in online marketing, and we all look forward to it!


above is my site itself a little cognition, everyone laughed.

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