with the promotion of increasingly high cost, excellent customer service has become more and more important, and is currently around sixty percent of the traditional enterprises, the service level is not high enough, even though for promotion, can help us bring potential customers Everfount, but in these potential customers into real customers before us, is the need for high level the customer service, to complete the transformation. No good customer service, business transformation costs will be increasingly high, we put more advertising is also possible for naught.

Jie technology customers, most of the enterprise customer service level, there is a part of the enterprise customer service is at low level, basically belongs to the kind of luck, do not consider what the customer asked to what, completely copy the template from A to Z all use the quick reply, or about 3 words in 2 sentences to customer transactions, urgent ask the customer to call, good luck, met good customers will clinch a deal, but encountered difficult ideas, more and more customers, it is difficult to deal in, the overall turnover rate is relatively low. By Jason bidding hosting team on a regular basis of these enterprises customer service training, the level of their business have been greatly improved, the Jie Cheng eight points of hosting team manager Wu Longjie summed up the bidding to do a good customer service with the network.

1. Familiar with company product information

excellent customer service first, cannot do without the company related business knowledge, if there is no relevant business knowledge as the support, and even do not understand the product, the customer asked three know it, or is the customer has asked the question, also do not know how to answer, temporary find information and so on, this is not possible good customer service. After the customer questions, immediately know how to answer, and introduced in great detail, and then according to their own knowledge to do something to add.

two. Answer promptly and quickly,

online consulting service answer must be quick and timely, the customer is not, if he has not responded to consulting for a long time, he is likely to choose other consulting companies, after all, business competition is very intense, the customer has very many companies can choose, for example, you buy something on Taobao for a long time, the customer did not rational you, what do you feel? You are likely to choose other shops.

three. Consider the customer’s point of view,

consider the customer’s point of view, a lot of customer service are not done, to guess the customer psychology, the customer is how to think, what is the purpose of customers to buy our products? Is the objective demand or impulse, what is our customers to join the brand’s purpose? Want to earn money or love this thing, what is the customer worry about? What customers want? Then to answer customer questions, such as customers want to make money, we can encourage him to join us, then said most of the customers are making money, such as a customer asking questions about the price, the customer may be worried about is the price, then I >

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