first I give you talk about is the concept of K, for example: when your website domain name is K, you will find that when you enter the in Baidu or Google search page, you included zero; if you enter in the search box directly http://s. can come out of a home so, Congratulations, you have a little bit of hope, can save. Of course, everybody is the webmaster, I may say is not always accurate, even think I speak very bluntly, please support me, don’t scold me.

I was in March last year to buy the domain name, the early stages of the site, I used Handmade a few simple pages and links over a period of time to look at Baidu, Google included, I am very happy, after two or three months to see, the PR value of the site has reached 1. So I started to make a website and self promotion website looking for ideas of their own, excited to see the present situation of development, but let me feel very panic results, my site has been Baidu K, Google down the right, the search engine has been basically to search this site universal navigation nets ".

in the face of this situation, the "universal navigation nets" continue still think of his method, so I find from the Internet a lot of articles about how to recover after being K, the result is not a little useful to me, which also includes some stations, such as nets etc.. There is nothing else to refer to, so I have to study it myself.

so I followed my own ideas and tried to do it.

phase 1: analyze your reasons for being K,

I carefully check our website, K reference is the reason, I may be the largest copy, reprint articles others; repeated use keywords; some in order to save, the only changed the original title called "xxxxx" now only changed the title of the site "customers" the results of the simple procedure, Baidu is not included; for my website is the status of K should be a kind of hope.

second stage: for reasons, modify the website

identified the possible causes, and I quickly readjusted the site to exclude the possible and potential causes of K,

third stage: write soft text

for my current situation, my first thought is writing, then, write a few article wait for effect, but the end result is the same, it is soft, have certain effect to improve website traffic, website K to be of little significance. In the next time, I also saw in Webmaster website because a K domain name and write soft, soft Wen wrote a lot, but he was K domain name soft Wen, that domain name so far

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