before I start, let me just say a few words. Alexa Rankings for the web has no use, we all know the most clearly. Unless you do business website, or you do not have to cooperate to have enough money to hit, otherwise you will certainly be more or less encountered Alexa ranking unspoken rules. I encountered such a thing, a ranking of 10W station, find some rankings about 5W website to talk about cooperation, the other is either indifferent, or very overbearing attitude; but three months later, the same website, ranking into a 2W, then go to the site, the other’s attitude changed completely and was not polite.

this can not blame the website, stationmaster too "snobbish", but can not evaluate the environment of a website effectively, Alexa ranking has become the only criterion that pass judgement. As a result, at least for a long time, Alexa Rankings for small and medium owners, are very important reference standards.

well, in my opinion, Alexa ranking to improve is not difficult to find the right way, insist on the implementation of it, you can get a good ranking. And to full-time website stationmaster, 20W, even 15W, it is a bottom line. That is to say, even if the site IP rarely, PV is not high, as long as you can guarantee a certain time (3 hours or so) to spend on the site, Alexa ranking will certainly be able to reach 20W or 15W. Then, 10W is a ridge, can not be crossed this threshold, to see how the content of the website, whether there is a simple extension, there is no loyal users etc.. Next, 5W, 3W, and 1W are three phases of the site. At the same stage of the site, the basic can be identified roughly equal strength.

what exactly does it take to get an ideal ranking? In fact, these methods have been very detailed in my previous articles. In principle, there are two factors that affect Alexa ranking, first, the number of visits to the web site with toolbars, and second, the number of independent users who browse the site with toolbars. In practice, however, there are two other factors, that is, the time spent with the toolbar, the user’s stay on the site, and the length of stay on a single page. Specifically, for ranking 50W away site, station of Changan good tools, every serious browsing the website (note that it is not just like browsing, brush) for 2 hours, within a week, the ranking can advance at least 20W. Adhere to this for a month, the site’s comprehensive ranking can advance at least 20W.

and just such a simple operation, there are a lot of webmaster tried after, feedback to me, said it was useless. I asked a few of them, one said he visit the site every day at least 5 hours, can be ranked no change; I asked him again, the five hours are basically looking for online content, resulting in his own website with the tools of browsing is less than 50, so have the effect blame. There is also a website, said his website every day with toolbar browsing over 1W, ranking can not rise or fall. I analyzed it for him and found out that he was the button

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