the seller in the shop at the beginning, may encounter a lack of team operation experience and the situation can not be opened, or because the virtual trading leads to user experience, logistics, payment and so, some shops began to implement the localization of marketing strategy. In fact, the localization marketing strategy really can bring better results? Are there practical space? And what can bring value to the local people? Some experience following the author will use in their work, an analysis to solve these problems, deficiencies please master pointing one or two, very grateful.

The advantage of

local marketing

1, can be a good solution to the user experience. The line opened the store allows buyers to close and physical contact, through fitting, trial experience, avoid as much as possible because the picture does not match the size, color and other common problems, reduce the difference in assessment and return. And for some relatively high prices of digital products, but also for buyers to eliminate the "parallel", "cottage machine" doubts, reduce hesitation, prompting its order as soon as possible.

2, a good display of the seller’s strength. In the eyes of the buyer, if the seller can open a store in the local, is undoubtedly the best guarantee to highlight the strength, even if there is a customer service problem can appear, quickly through the store to deal with, allowing buyers to increase the sense of trust, also can enhance the price of the brand.

3, improve the shopping experience of local buyers. If buyers can shop in local stores, they can reduce their time in logistics, save time and effort and reduce the risk of shopping. Therefore, it is a good way to improve the loyalty of local buyers.

Disadvantages of

localized marketing


localization marketing has many advantages, but everything has two sides, perfect thing is relatively rare. First of all, the seller will increase the cost of operation. For example, if it is in the city, opened a store in the digital street, the monthly rent of 4000 yuan, including 2 sales staff wages 6000 yuan, a moon this requires spending 10 thousand yuan, and other utilities, renovation costs and so on, are spending a small fortune. Therefore, it may not be suitable for all sellers. The Tmall store last year had also implemented the strategy of fitting the museum experience, the first is just a concept of speculation, that line buyers can drive the local market, but when buyers really want above fitting, but can not give the reception arrangements for staff, and some styles of model because to send mass production factory and buyers are difficult to provide in the fitting time.

in addition, even through localization marketing strategy can achieve certain results, but because the audience is limited, it is easy to bottleneck. As far as the three line cities are concerned, there are not many consumer groups through online shopping, so once you can’t win the market through a good promotion strategy, it is bound to

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