recently, many webmaster in Webmaster BBS or QQ group inside complain. Stationmaster this industry meal is more and more difficult to eat, everybody is together the doorsill is done high, before can typing can do promotion. Oh. Because too many webmaster, space domain name so cheap, low cost, so many people do ah.

listen to the above analysis, there seems to be some truth, but a careful thought, only to find the true truth of the words: an industry only competition progress, and then the industry is stable. I looked at one of my old station: my beautiful lady, Miss web site is good,

, an industry without competition, shows that this is a dead industry, no one agrees with the industry. The competition is much, because this industry has identity of many people, many people are interested in him, so to practice more and more people will, of course, after a few years there will be a webmaster to fall, and there will be a number of webmaster stand up.

it is only in contradiction that truth comes into being. When you know the truth of things, you know how to choose them.

if you solve this contradiction, is the key to winning. Any industry that is first or leader will be successful. Traffic isn’t going to get out of the way. If you were in the past, you might want to get a lot of traffic from the site. However, the previous IP was of high value.

in this cheap IP, only improve their website traffic, can earn money. Whether it’s a product or an advertising site.


product promotion website must ensure that the audience is the target population and is interested in the product. And the advertising League website is the same, as long as people will read the article, there will be more visitors to click on your advertising opportunities.

do stand, need to adhere to, but not clinging to do not put, to practice more, more operations, think more ways. If a person blindly collects, content is much, content is better again. Baidu rankings do not go, the same is useless. Doing a station is not just about having content.

do station is not light publicity, you can not bring a user to the actual content of the station, even if the cheat came in a IP, he will not come again next time. So the publicity will only be confused like a tangle of flax, adding to their vain.

now do stand the easiest and most effective way, is to improve search engine rankings, after this increase in ranking, there is a Baidu or Google search engine free of charge for your website promotion, what are you afraid of fear, of course is K or drop right, and this is the problem of this paper without off, such as to understand the K station. See also: in-depth analysis of Baidu K


do webmaster only 15% can live better, there are 60% earn less money or earn less money, these webmaster will be eliminated in a few years. Professional website owners, professional garbage station owners will be relatively high survival rate. And do some non garbage, no content, and not professional site, will die early, early birth, died and do, do and die, sooner or later you!

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