6 years ago, students staffing a laptop computer, most are kept in a massive movie and TV drama resources, search a classic film, provide more resources for your website, a new explosion of drama, must have the resources to provide the most obscure fast version of quick stop you……

that time, the computer will full of free to have seen the resources space to hold out, update the movie, if you can see today’s video site, and have lost those resources website, will not easily delete those days easily download to resources.


sealed, inverted, inverted resource site has become the past

2014, a non professional learning to share and exchange, everyone in the film subtitle group mainly announced officially closed; in 2015, everyone in the film with new domain name, appearance, with a new video navigation website identity at this time, American TV download what, no longer may have.

in 2015, and was closed down, the line, the largest BT sharing website the Pirate Bay, half alive frequently.

In 2016

, the world’s largest closed resource download site KAT is blocked, owners were arrested; two members of the animation subtitle group "clear sky academy" was arrested; BT Day Webmaster jingfangxingju……

just a few years, the domestic free resources, the free resources of the site is less and less, users in the increasingly stringent regulatory environment, will also increasingly difficult access to resources.

from the point of view of intellectual property rights, these resource sites have no future

even has a more just, in the face of the legal regulation, any BT site, and the site does not have the slightest subtitles back ability, can do, not to close, if not transformation.

too many unknown has been active and passive to seal, the famous large BT website, still, still to give dying kicks "transformation", such as everyone in the film from resources to navigation.

from another gray point of view, "transition" also contains a trend: change channels continue to do piracy. Because this huge, just need, even if and again and again and three of pirated websites have been hit, there will still be more websites secretly infringing, and earn these more "easy" profits.

Where are the

resource sites going,


fought in WeChat, fought in the cloud disk; fought video navigation, fought all the video related sites; completely diverted.

is still lingering in this way to make money in the new channel in the people, will be faced with nothing but was moved as to strike hard; video related industries, or any industry and independent video, are telling us lost resources website.

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