recently many reaction sites were closed, so that you understand the reason of your website is blocked? You are on this "cat and mouse" game you whether violates the basic rules of survival? Now list some reasons the station closed, if you have violated, you can in a timely manner if there is no violation of the amendment, please reference.

1 repeats its submission to the search engine site

there’s no real proof, but some people say this will make your site suffer, seriously not directly. In fact, it can be submitted once and how to do it. Leave him alone, and now the search sites have a deadline. In addition, you do not have to submit, and use other means to search included.

2 hides links and text content

is now being phased out, but there are websites still in use. The search is very annoying. Generally such are K, no K is sooner or later.

This means the general expression of

: (1) the font color and background color "(2) a link or text hidden in the transparent picture (3) in a picture on the anchor text and a large number of connections (4) will set the frame size 0 pixels, put the things hidden inside.

3 copy web pages or build mirror sites

pages have a similar degree of similarity, often as a website that copies several bindings to different domains. In addition, because of the emergence and use of a large number of CMS, if people send a template and a large number of people to use, or the user to establish a strong theme of the web site, the thunder is likely to cause your site to be blocked.

4 uses the JS code

too much

search is paid more attention to the user experience, a website using JS code too much, easy to be a search engine that garbage station, while the outside world that JS is a search engine can not read, but now it seems the search engine is not really cannot read, this can be from a certain website discharge and exchange chain and the search engine has the competitive nature of the JS site advertising code will be right down to see, so JS can be used, but should be a reasonable control limit.

5 a site that binds multiple domain names


has been regarded as a typical cheating, search for this site, the minimum is right down, or directly to the extra domain K out, the last one is to represent the nature of the domain name, but the last remaining domain name usually has no use of great value.

6 domain name turns to

this is not explained what meaning, the domain name of the website is unique, a station to get a good domain name, you assume that a domain name is K, think of a word in the other, then don’t worry about that the domain name was K and the flow, delete directly tied to the new the.

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