Yangtze River flowing east, netizen hero. Success and failure will be empied: Wangzhuan still, jiduoxiyanggong. White hair blog, see the autumn moon and spring breeze. A pot of liquor xixiangfeng network: how many things have to pay the joke.

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once upon a time, there was a change girl on the Internet. She was going to spend a few months with a pin to change to a villa. Finally, she changed to an entertainment company’s contract. Later, the mastermind broke the insider, the so-called "change things", in fact, are planning well, those things are internal to change, the purpose is to hype the girl.

barter is not feasible in theory, although the story of foreign exchange has been similar in foreign countries, but the story is a story after all. The thing in the story is to say yes or no; the thing in the story is not, neither is it, nor is it sad, or fortunately, whether it is right or wrong. At least since then, people have learned to hype up. A world full of the title of the party, Japan earned 300 monthly income of 5000". It seems that night spanned ~~~~

take one of our common examples: prepare 300 QQ numbers, all set up for women, and hang up the ads on the space. Use NOOPENQQ to suspend all 300 QQ. (omit a paragraph) generally 300 QQ, one day traffic can reach 100 thousand IP, more conservative, that is, a day can have about 1000 of the income!


feasibility analysis: This is the 06 year method, perhaps in that era, it really depends on it to achieve some effect. But what is the probability of success in doing so now? Let’s analyze. The first 300 QQ, I assume you a person to do this thing, for QQ, looking for photographs (art as to be true, now almost no one watching), open space, update log, each QQ added at least 5 local dating platform (now QQ dating is not easy to do). Complete these work, with my own experience, clearly tell you, just enter the verification code time more than 20 hours! Do not believe you can experiment. People who saw the idea were a lot less than half of the first. QQ is finally ready, look at their flow statistics, want to die heart. How did not flow, a burst of lost, as if the first love girlfriend abandoned you, helpless · · · · · · I can only say that now the Internet users are all fine monkey like. When you are proud of your overwhelming advertisement, QQ may still despise you. Small sample, brother will not move, throw the next sentence: pediatrics. Have not done the network of people, how can they understand a webmaster under what kind of unbearable weight of life!


said so much, it seems that people think Wangzhuan a grim future. In fact, otherwise, there are still some experts on the road. In the past, those old methods couldn’t be updated on the Internet

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