listen beauty Xixi’s song "outdated", the heart and restore confidence. This song was heard in 07 years, and later placed in my QQ space, and put the top. After the time I met. Fold to open the station to listen to, always can heal the wounds of the heart, full of strength, change the word has no big brother m simply too talented, the head of the analysis of the present situation quite thoroughly built, while lashing part of webmaster and a waste of space domain, on the other hand is a inspirational article, encourage the majority of owners stand up bravely in the face of setbacks to.

objectively speaking, personal webmaster is not only for the vast number of users to provide the necessary information, but also the world’s Internet giant promoter, because personal webmaster, the Internet has colorful today. Of course, there are some garbage station, can not say how they, because everyone is in order to make money, do not say people dump garbage, every industry has some opportunists, our stationmaster industry and why so fierce blow. Can only say that they go bad, and is not conducive to long-term development of. Where there is gain, there is gain.

repeat domain name, I only had a NET (domain name has been due not to renew), COM never had CN a few, not to apply for COM not because I am a professional garbage station, also can not afford not to buy, because the good domain are applied, and it is difficult to buy. Remember to have a domain name has been registered for two years, and has been a shortage of fees, when I call the friend, poor people do not sell, it is Speechless, no way, can only use CN. Fortunately, the domain name like oil and coal, the domain name is a renewable resource, a period of two or three years for the majority of owners can also accept, people are willing to spend money to buy a place where we can’t.

made a station some time ago, and the Beijing University League got the first 1000 yuan ad sponsorship fee yesterday. It’s a space dealer and the server is there. Ha ha. I hope you can support us. Again is to encourage the webmaster, content first, the needs of Internet users first, don’t let the domain name to confuse their own eyes, CN domain name still has a future, don’t waste every domain name.

yesterday, there is a new station by K, and today made some changes, the mood is still boring, and I do not like friends to listen to it. The address is, the first Beijing University Consortium, tid=268

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