website also has nearly three months, the industry website is equivalent to a child, born to grow from his long Chengdu devoted their efforts. I engaged in clothing industry website, from the initial basic no IP amount to now thousands of IP every day, and in the continuous increase, psychological very gratified. Also slowly in the industry has some reputation, advertising, members also gradually more up, also can be said to have achieved a small stage victory. Do like to do business, to understand the analysis, then as at the present stage of development of the industry Web site I experienced a stage, a reflection on the website operation of some of their own, to an industry website operation mainly summed up in three points. Website success of three points, I summed up as the site of the skeleton, meridians, skins, the three points are well done, you can call a complete site.

website skeleton, is the website solid foundation, foundation is not firm, then does not have the development!


domain name is the number on the Internet, so a website needs first is a domain name, and even some people say, a good domain name is more important than a CEO. At the same time, the domain name must match your website name and website industry to choose, so my clothing industry website is to buy the English clothing words, because my site itself is relatively high-end positioning. Then is the choice of the server, in fact, the industry website early development in a virtual machine on the line, but for the long term, I chose the server, it is stable, of course, choose IDC, not a look at the price, to know if the server problems, the loss may be the server the difference is not much to cover, so remember not because of profit and loss, the other strength is very important, it determines whether your website can ensure smooth. The last is the site of the framework and procedures, this must have the plan, according to your long-term goals to set, must not be considered in site planning and inconstant in policy, and columns, site layout, site optimization, you can choose to hire specialized programmers, beauty industry to operate, or outsourced to other companies do, but recommends hiring two similar professionals on the site when the urgent problems to solve at any time. Outsourced to other companies, there is always the feeling of heteronomy.

The meridian of

website is the foundation that the website runs smoothly, the road that cannot be completely at all is poor,


website planning, website channel, the column is the site of the content selection, content quality, of course, these are performed based on the analysis of customer groups, this is the key whether the website can attract people. Understanding of the clothing industry, I divided the customer groups into 3 types: clothing enterprises, clothing dealers, clothing practitioners, and then I set up the corresponding content. Including clothing industry information, clothing industry information free download, clothing industry development map, industry BBS forum, etc..


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