a guest, my friends, I think now Amoy even Taobao is the biggest problem: the proportion of China online shopping population is not high, unlike the western developed countries; Taobao Alipay shopping needs, but only 10% of people have Alipay, the actual proportion may be lower, you hard promotion, users see, but he is not Alipay, may there is no desire to buy, because now Alipay also registered to the real name authentication, too much trouble! Even if it is to buy, but also through online bank transfer or other payment, not Alipay, it is very difficult to get income.

this way, Taobao is the only community in the most appropriate promotion, but you don’t forget, those in the Taobao community around most of the sellers, a monkey, a look that you are doing guest promotion, do not buy your account. So those who came up and said his day promotion several hundred yuan it is hard not to suspect this is as high or wide support, one day can be extended to a 10 yuan fine, realistic, rather ADMIN5 look at you the webmaster experience, with a website, at least a sense of accomplishment! This is my humble opinion, hope master pointing! Sun about my website: Three Valley mall 345.wdwd.com

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