[introduction] at present, the two aspects of resistance is becoming a driving force, boost O2O development is sinking trend, local life service community forum will usher in the development of new opportunities in the field of O2O.

Author: Director of quality research director and analyst Huang Yuanpu


consulting found that two things have recently been linked to the next step in O2O’s development:

the first thing is, the United States Mission Network in the evening of May 30, 2013 opened a new three or four line 14 city group buying business. Including O2O, group purchase enterprises although nominally covers a lot of city, but in a very long period of time they are in the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, a few big city’s big city daily; many businesses had to deal with another wave of O2O enterprises, from the group purchase coupons from ERP to micro-blog, WeChat promotion, all kinds of O2O Beijing, Shanghai enterprises put into the market of the red sea.

second and O2O trends are related to the local living service community, Hangzhou nineteen floor in May 13th completed a strategic financing of 60 million yuan. For most users who are used to micro-blog and WeChat, the community forums have long been a legend in their minds. The mop was forced to move from Beijing to Nanning, where the world lost its ability to produce big events, which could serve as evidence of the rapid decline of the forum. Even so, there are still a lot of local websites and local community forums that live strong. Overall, such sites are far more numerous in number than in other types of websites, and traffic is not low. To Hangzhou 19 floor, for example, its ranking on the Alexa 957, ranked 150 in China or so, than the mainstream buy site traffic is high.

O2O industry is an interesting phenomenon is that many enterprises in the north, Shenzhen, Shenzhen and other front-line market for face earned market, but the real profits of enterprises rely on the three or four line cities. From the United States Mission network force three or four line city, you can see that O2O is sinking from the big city to the three or four line city. As for the O2O industry with location attributes, local community forums are concerned with the local market for a long time and have a natural advantage. With the gradual sinking of O2O in the region and deep digging in the industry, the local community forum is facing unprecedented opportunities for development.

The development of

O2O shows a trend of regional subsidence,

going north and West is far from China. Foreigners who have come to China and those who have lived in big cities tend to overlook this objective fact. China’s Internet as early as possible in the north, Shenzhen and Shenzhen to develop, although the Internet can break the boundaries of the region, but can not change regional differences. From the development stage, the three or four tier cities in the Internet level is far behind the first tier cities, this is not just a gap in infrastructure, and more is the concept of three or four line residents. The typical case is that the public comment network was established over 10 years and is now only in 3>

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