recently, a lot of discussions have been made about the domain name system. In January 14, 2010, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued an announcement on the verification of the registration of registered domain names. Look at the announcement, the domain name registration information as the domain name rights, the right to change the information transfer certificate, is the domain name holder of legitimate rights and interests and the important basis for the protection of the premise of this provision is very good.

The current domain name

because of a series of problems caused by the real name system is very serious, the effect of domain name transaction, domain name protection, enterprise jurisprudence shehei supervision, so I very much agree with the domain name CNNIC advocated in the "notice" in the system. I also invested dozens of CN domain name, see the "notice" will also be related to personal information carried out real name authentication.

not long ago, Baidu’s global top-level domain suffered a change of information, resulting in inaccessible things still vivid, the impact has not yet completely disappeared. This also reminds domain name holders to better protect their domain name, real name system is a good way. The survey report released by ICANN,.COM,.NET,.ORG,.INFO,.BIZ, domain name registration information is not real phenomenon is very prominent, the domain name registration information, serious false ratio reached 8%, the registered information is only 23%.

from this we can see that.Com and other international domain names really exist theft, theft and other aspects of security issues. CN domain name to continue to develop, the real name system and perfect information is essential. In the implementation of the national network of anti vice, we found that many of the problems of domain names are closed and recycled, many webmasters are also online called injustice". Rather than the real name system, it also brings a lot of difficulties to the national network of anti vice work, wasting a lot of evidence and investigation time, which is not conducive to China’s network security and green.

as domain name investors, I also and many webmaster worry about CN domain name was recovered, also for "prohibit individual registration domain name" the "one size fits all" policy is distressed. CNNIC issued the "twenty-fifth Chinese Internet development statistics report", 2009, Chinese domain name for the number 16 million 818 thousand and 401, 7797 less than in 2008, the CN domain name for the number 13 million 459 thousand and 133, 113 thousand and 193 lower than in 2008, a decline of 0.83%. The decline in the number of CN domain names has a lot to do with the national network of anti pornography and real name system.

but no rules, no Cheng Fangyuan, in the long run, the country is studying the release of CN domain name registration, but the real name system must be carried out, which benefits more than the disadvantages. China’s domain name registration market after a short period of rest, it is bound to usher in a more brilliant spring, CN domain name registration volume should continue to grow.

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, CNNIC "on a registered domain name information check work notice", the author also some advice, hope C>

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