know the idea of Airbnb as a short-term rental house? Airbnb is actually the abbreviation of AirBed and Breakfast (air bed and breakfast). At first, the two founders were unable to pay the rent, so they got several air beds in their apartment for rent to the San Francisco conference and couldn’t find a place to live. In fact, behind the startup hidden message: Airbnb is not just pinched out of business, they have a certain cultural background behind the support: for example, by the early Internet derived "Backpackers" is a good example. But if the model is moved directly to the country, this cultural span could well limit the market.


in the country, the biggest obstacle to short-term housing leasing is the trust mechanism. The house is most of the country is the lifeblood of people, they are not as smart as part of Americans regarded as investment. Whether it’s from safety or hygiene, they don’t let a stranger break into their own space. If they really want to rent out the house, it will, of course, be a long-term one because it will bring in a steady income. Relatively speaking, the short rental source is not stable, but also more concerned about health problems. Before the advent of Airbnb, Americans were able to find short rental information on sites such as Craigslist, and Airbnb simply moved some of the social transactions online.

if the domestic short-term rental service popular, who demand a little more? The answer is criminal! With more and more strict regulation of domestic housing (real name system), criminals rent a house or some difficulty. And this service is well suited to their needs, which will bring more instability to society. Two or three years ago there was a tourism website launched to trust is the premise of tourist accommodation exchange service, many users finally found their house have been caused by a large shadow not fit to be seen. Compared with the Chinese people, Americans are still relatively high quality. Although the Airbnb has had an accident, but users are not affected.


user positioning

Another issue of

‘s short-term domestic leasing industry is user positioning. What kind of talent is the end user of this industry in China? The house has gradually become a boundary of social differentiation, and there is still a gap between the two sides of the income line. If the price of a short rental is too high, the user is willing to rent a relatively inexpensive hotel; if the price is low, the owner prefers to empty the house rather than spoil it. It’s not easy for both sides to find a price acceptable to everyone. Is short hire suitable for business people? Maybe not for ">

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