for China Internet online education business boom, author Wei Yan I horse specially invited to the online education for many years old skin entrepreneurs, a system depth study on line education. In 2009, he founded the first 1 to 1 online education website in China. Now, he is famous for his services in setting up an online education website for an Internet gangster. The old skin and small Wei belong to dry cargo control, a series of articles will be modified so removed all the fancy and useless words, with clear logic and detailed data to support, to discuss the different aspects of the online education industry.

are you ready? This series of articles will probably be China’s Internet exploration of online education, the most dry article. Our first issue is the basic question of line education survival – pricing.


Author: Wei Yan

old skin

graphic design: Zhang dream

would people be willing to pay

for online education services?

: China’s free internet culture is rife. Are people willing to pay for online education?

for now, online education users pay habits are still nurturing, as in the year has just arisen online shopping, although the market base already exists, but consumer habits are still far from being formed. In view of the current trend, the initial formation of large-scale online education consumer market will take at least 3-5 years, but this consumer market has shown an irresistible trend.

in May 4th, 2013Q1 YY earnings conference call on Li Xueling to speak a good explanation of the reason, the irresistible online education market formation of Li Xueling said: "the study found that once the user choose online education, it will be difficult to return to the traditional way of education. The convenience of online education, the flexibility of time, the teaching methods of 1 to 1, and even the maintenance of student relations are all lacking in traditional education".

Gong Haiyan founded 91 foreign teachers, Li Xueling announced that YY will fully promote the education business, Liu Ren found online education market will explode and the acquisition of online education institutions to remit, Xu Xiaoping put a lot of investment in the field of online education, Internet Chinese are elite has good growth trend with operations in the proof of the online education market. Perhaps, as Xu Xiaoping said, "online education may be as popular as an electricity supplier two years later." people are generally willing to pay for online education, just 3-5 years.

motivation to buy online education services

: who would be willing to buy an online education service?

now, because online education is no good mode of entrance education China just need – oriented education, so now all China Internet online education service, can only meet two education service purchase motivation: to enhance the qualities of 1. 2>;

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