open shop competition is very fierce, there are a lot of shop closed every year, of course, every year there are many shop sales continue to break the record lows, so as to attract a lot of the bright younger generation poured into the open shop in this industry, even if the current business tax has been suspended in the shopkeepers on the head, still can not offset the enthusiasm of shopkeepers. But operating online shops is for making money, and shopkeepers are not willing to spend a lot of time on their business interests.

so the shop owners want to make money, just a slogan is no use, poor marketing strategy the same effect is very bad, actually got the shop operation and sales strategy and sales strategy closely, the core is to fully consider the consumer psychology, constantly optimize the shop operation strategy and on this basis, so that it can improve the shop return. But all in all, buyers of consumer psychology is not pay attention to the value of the goods, the price is also. The consumer buys the goods out of the consumer state of price fixing, turning from cheap to cheap. In view of the current consumer psychology, online shop owner for the operation, I suggest that we can start from the following aspects.

1. Launch a time limited discount strategy

limited discount sales strategy can make consumers a lot of bleeding, because many consumers in the purchase of goods before will select several comparison, when the consumer psychology is stable, no sense of urgency, but if consumers also saw a positive in the limited time discount goods and discount rate, but the time was very short, this will provoke the heart of consumers will buy the nerve, even the discount price is still too high, but for a slightly higher price will be part of that sense of urgency to buy offsets, allowing consumers to order.

The influence of

two and spike on consumer psychology

is actually a fragile consumer seckill consumer psychology of a great power, but also caused great damage to the shop itself, this is a double-edged sword, so in need of some premise seckill activities, is not what shop can do, first of all human resources is enough, then you can how much profits seckill loss, or even at a loss, general merchandise seckill the price is very cheap, or even loss sale, get more traffic through the ultimate purpose of seckill activities is that if the price spike up, it will cause the consumers questioned, then the activities of seckill will bring negative effects, even brought to the shop poor, so the use of the full decision needs seckill.

three, a reasonable change in prices, consumers break through the bottom line

many consumers have accounted for cheap consumer psychology, for example, consumers in the online collection of the baby, and not immediately orders, but to wait until the baby stores began to do promotional activities, then orders, this shop owner who can change the treasure price so that consumers feel the baby is either >

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