how to make their own official account attention on a platform, whether you are selling, talk about the facts, adorable bitch, said the hot, engage in activities or products, you have to comply with a rule, is to put a low profile, sincere to the object you’re attracted to communication culture, feelings. And the establishment of this relationship, as you have a heart to go after a girl, we believe that as long as there is enough patience and correct strategy, there should be no missing girl.

to this end, we sum up the following experience for you, feel good, please applaud, feel bad, do not swallow the criticism back, and promptly put forward, but also for our effective supervision.

why do we have to choose the watercress girl,


in my mind and I infinite replay Bodhi dialogue, a need for love? Of course not. But we choose watercress this girl must have reason, because as a commercial brand operation, our purpose is not charity, we must through this platform to export our brand information. And mentioned watercress, everyone’s first reaction is "fresh."". Yes, no matter how many pseudo literary youth, how about the gun enthusiasts, how many gold man in front of the screen is simple and low-key perspiration comes down like raindrops, watercress, with a quiet strength. And this style with our new "Minute Maid fruit fresh" not only the name of the feeling is similar, even the characteristics have agree without prior without previous consultation. In addition, when most people are in the world of micro-blog, there’s always someone watercress, they have their own unique way of thinking, to be able to see things from others are found in some unseen things. How about a girl who can only gossip with you and a girl who can discuss life with you? Who will you choose? The answer is self-evident.

shape first impressions

when you want to attract a good girl or a group of girls, the first thing we have to do is, of course, to give the other person a good first impression of his own personality.

so we will become fresh before the blazing orange blue and green, the brand characteristics of "our fresh" appeared immediately. But a young man even look impressive but lack real worth to quickly get young women’s Pro gaze, but can attract young women, they must be inside. So we do well in the content distribution sector, whether it is "fresh notes" or "clever collocation guide", and the vast majority of my colleagues or share resources for good watercress watercress most fresh woman ", we have to transfer the information to the main products as the starting point. And these content, finally also get many beans friend’s response, recommend and like.



for himself

when you meet a young man for the first time, if

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