day to see Lu Songsong’s blog sidebar ads "help wanted to see the curious point in July statistics screenshot showing the IP every day at around 3000. After seven confirmed that Lu Songsong was also a blog daily visits over 10000! His eight hundred million Hot Blog Lou loose blog space and making a comparison, look at the 300IP to 3000IP where the gap.

analysis reasons:


failed to see the visitors’ antecedents of the Lu Songsong blog, we could easily speculate.

: the first regular visitors, Zhezhe personal speculation in 3000IP every day not less than 1/3 is like me often to see if there is no new article, almost every day to the day to set the iGoogle home page, and the ten often focus on the blog of RSS placed in the home, just open the first page see who update, then to read new articles. In the Google reader initial experience, this article has graphic instructions. These loyal visitors laid the foundation for Lu Songsong’s new article’s review.

second: search over, Lu Songsong blog article quality is in doubt, if you haven’t seen it now to see, whether it is for a newly established independent blog friends, or already in the independent blog circle familiar friends, can learn something useful from the Lu blog. The original search engine with high quality will naturally give good search rankings, search over there is a focus on the key words of "Lou song song," why? Reverse link Webmaster Tools query to Baidu included 4W, to be sure link number more than this figure, and the number of the three words of Lu Songsong "in the Internet can not estimate. If there are people around 10 children, there are 5 above to see this name, he can restrain her curiosity to search


third: comment link, a Changqing article mentioned Lu Songsong once in more than 15000 blogs have a message, a blogger for a reviewer of the visit, the other is the other visitors to see this article on the blog critics visit. Such a large base comment link to Lu Songsong blog can also bring a lot of traffic. "Comment promotion" is the method that Lu has been using. If you write your comments carefully in your article, your blog will soon see him. Believe it,


fourth: webmaster forum column, BSP blog, Lu’s new articles out there in each big website, column submission, also has his own BSP blog post, of course, others reproduced, these articles can also link to Lou loose blog a lot of traffic.

My personal analysis above

, there is no reliable data, and there is no Lu Songsong I talked to his website statistics, some statistics now about eight hundred million space, at present day IP300, of which 150 to 200 is Baidu Google search in the search, the key.

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