does, does, and has a problem.

, eight silver tongue, and is invited to beg bend over backwards, and finally managed to threats, launched several circles of hardcore users to share their collections in Hardcore players, no matter what the industry, ashes, players retain things in the computer, always will be particularly attractive, in the visible future, such things generally, industry players must have the necessary tools. The ashes were really good to share, but suddenly they had a problem. A * * *, no, that’s not polite, it’s too vulgar. Met a guy in a frenzy, maybe he’s the original creator of the video tutorial, or not at all.

the thing is, the guy know that users to share video tutorial in network frenzy after, he like crazy in the station is not wildly scolded, ah, but we think out his garbage curse has no meaning, because this may make him crazy and angry.

retains his curse, let him comfortable many, look at the message and not fit to be seen very embarrassing. His reason is clear, he firmly believes that users do not pass his consent to share his things is stolen. It’s a shame to steal.

potatoes are sharing sites, 58 are sharing sites, Youku Saturday is sharing website, they are sharing the leading website, they share other movies and TV programs, it is not stealing? There are some download sites, they actually share, they are not also considered stealing? Who can tell me. How to face the curse of


[Video] can we share id=4367


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