Duanfei, formerly known as Duan Xingjiang, born in July 1980, Chengde people, college degree, in July 2007 the establishment of the Shijiazhuang Baoen Culture Communication Co. Ltd., founded in July 2008, cross network.

does not have strong financial strength, no prominent family background, the segment flies and many in the city to fight "80" students, parents with gratitude and mind career dreams, from "civilian" network CEO "crab", from the enterprise website to do a cross network, he a solid pace to move forward their own ideals.

A "network crab" founded horizontal look net

"Shenzhou horizontal, I first horizontal."." Open the cross this sentence network first seen quite eye-catching. General web sites, pages are extended from top to bottom, and this "cross view" page is extended from left to right.

webmaster Duan Fei told reporters that this site from more than 20 "80" college students entrepreneurial team. In May this year, the segment flew 18 minutes doing about Thanksgiving wonderful speech at the University of Shijiazhuang, after the speech, there are 26 students to Duanfei to send text messages, not only express their gratitude, but also hope to have a strong business platform to achieve the ideal. As a result, Duan Fei and these students together to create their own platform for entrepreneurship – Horizontal look at the network, but also gave himself a "network crab" this screen name.

said Duan Fei, for their poor family entrepreneurs, can only rely on better creativity to stand firm on the network. "Looking at the network not only challenge the traditional reading habits, and a unique creative is the change in the price of advertising", namely after an advertiser for 2 times the price of a customer to replace former advertising, advertising was replaced after the website will be returned before an advertiser’s costs, but will still be advertising in other places broadcast website. This idea attracted many customers, advertising costs from the original 1 yuan was replaced to the current 2048 yuan. Every day dozens of customers negotiate business with the website.

B "civilian CEO" starts at the grassroots level,

Fei was born in a poor mountain village in Chengde County, 2000, graduated from Chengde City cadres economic management school, he sold instant noodles, beverages, tires, "sales is very bitter, not only are often rejected, but also by the boss deduction Commission, often even meals are not earn." Duan Fei said, "but the sales people are able to exercise the ability and perseverance, in a few years of toil, I learned to ‘borrow’, learn how to communicate with people."

in 2003, paragraph flew to Chengde, a network company, from no contact with the network, he worked during the day, in the evening to the Internet bar to learn network knowledge. As the business began to rise, the boss removed him from the head office. To this end, he played a network called "civilian CEO", vowed to set up their own company in the future.

C dig "gold" enterprise website construction >

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