has been doing web work for almost 3 months, and this is my first time to build a website. As soon as I graduate, I plan to play out my entire website. I remember playing with my friends that day, when one of my friends asked me, "I’m going to graduate soon. Do you have any idea what you’re going to do?"." At that time, I really can not answer, the long-term ease of life, forgotten a lot of dreams. At night, I was thinking about it, feeling that it was a way to do it. So I bought the domain name (of course CN, student) and bought space that night, then I started planning the theme of the whole website. Toss about for 1 weeks, the site is out at last.

, on the first day, I put my web site on the web. Also secretly ran to 51, registered a statistical account, lost to your site, and come back at night to open statistics, a look, but also really sad. No one came to visit it all day. Asked the net friend, this just understood, the original website cannot merely put in the space to be possible, but also needs to spend the time to promote. He looked at the layout of my entire page and helped me point out some mistakes that should not have been made. That night, I revised the program and went to bed very late. Also to the major search engine landing site.

because the site is tutorial site, so some articles are long, modify, increase pagination, but I don’t know how to write this code. While on the network check, while around to ask for advice. Busy for many days, or did not make the code clear, and finally forced to do a put, because there are other needs to do it yourself, can only go back and seek times. Finally, the site or re revision, and look at the FTP software to send the site to their own space, just like watching their own art. Don’t mention how excited you are.

that day, inadvertently checked the collection of their own web site, the original Google in October 13th included their website, but also received more than 40 pages. I took another step forward, and I happily made phone calls to my best friends and my parents. But calm down, I found the Google and not to other webmasters said as I bring much traffic, just a dozen. I began to look forward to the Baidu included, every day after class came back site, and then began to update the article on the web site. My friend said, a website original content must, at least if false original article, so that time will stay every day in front of the computer manual input (because the library has their own books, you can directly call), then take about 2 hours of time to promote and to the webmaster nets see article. Finally, in October 25th, that is, the purchase of domain names fifteenth days, Baidu included my site. Baidu is really generous, second days came to several IP. Updated every day, every day running the webmaster network to see information. Time passed without knowing,

is now PR3, with a maximum daily visit of more than 1300. Of course, these data in other webmaster’s eyes do not count

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