success can not be copied, but success has a similar place. For example: perseverance, perseverance, wisdom, loneliness. I believe there are many successful people in the forum, they paid a great deal of work, spent a lot of effort, but also had years of instant noodles. Successful people in the forum, as the winner of the experience to introduce to you, telling the suffering, encouraging morale. But today I’m not a winner because I don’t have as much success as they do. At the same time, I’m not a failure, because I have intelligence and I have originality. Then I’ll talk to you with a ready winner.

I started the station in 2002, when I was still a high school student. I have a good knowledge of English. When I was a senior, I started chatting with foreigners in ICQ, Yahoo, English chat rooms and other places. Once, while visiting a foreign website, I inadvertently found a place where I could apply for free space, so I applied for a free space. Remember that space configuration is very low, 300M space, 20G traffic. At that time did not know what PHP, ASP, MySQL and so on, so the space for almost nothing to use, only some simple HTML language web page, write a self introduction, send a few pictures, also invited the students happy, proud of the old heart.

later online began to have a free forum, the first remember that topzj provides, the speed is still good, but the overwhelming majority are advertising, very ugly. I applied for one, spent about half a year, and finally could not stand those ads, and finally decided to give up.

later, there are websites that often come to the web and they start offering free forums. That forum program seems to be their own development, the page does not look good, but the advantage is no advertising, the speed is also very fast, and then apply for one, and began to do the station. I have many friends and all my classmates listen to me. I introduce them to register, and later this forum becomes a place where hundreds of people often communicate with each other. The amount of posting every day in more than 300, each click of the post is thousands. Perhaps some of you still remember that at that time, often came to the network free forum, there is a registered user of ID, very famous, called "dancing color Yunnan", that is me. Seeing the registered users over 10000 faster, often to the network closed the free forum services, data can not be backed up, we have no place to communicate.

later, I decided not to use as a warning for the future, free forum. After being introduced to find a domestic forum program provider’s homepage, downloaded a free source code of the PHP forum, the version number is V5.5.0, to the free space of my application, the official start of the station to do career. Free space, as everyone knows, domain names are especially long and huge. My domain name was: (now I can’t access it). I didn’t know I could buy the top domain name at that time. Besides, I didn’t have any money. But the interest of standing is very high

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