Zhang Xiaolong has disclosed the user’s reading preferences on WeChat: 80% read content through friends circle, 20% to subscribe number, pick content to read. So, if the first target of WeChat’s operation is to see the growth of fans, not to see the number of people sharing it, it’s all wrong. Because sharing determines your 80% influence.


every time I chat with the media friends, the topic can not be separated from the status quo and future of the media. The people who look down and are uncertain about the future are in the majority. For this reason, many people left the media industry. Recently, talking to a friend who is not working in the media, I finally realized why most of the current media is biased. In fact, the way out of the new media is there, but we all turn a blind eye to it.

if the new media, only need to care about one thing, that is: share; if you do new media needs to care about three things, that is: to share, to share, to share. Please forgive me for repeating, because it’s so important. In this noisy media environment, I have to emphasize it several times before I realize it.

, the Internet and mobile Internet are impacting everything, and the media industry is one of the earliest and most powerful industries.

The first wave of

media impact comes from search engines. Before the Google, everyone living under different information walls, your information environment determines that you have access to what information; after the emergence of Google, you can find almost any desired information in a few seconds. At this time, the initiative to read more inclined to the reader’s hands: he is no longer limited by the channels of information, thus the right to choose the content of the world, for their own preferences.

this change is a big impact on the print media. Print media content production is linear and regular, the front page, two edition, eighth edition…… There is a definite setting for what to put on. The search engine and portal, is to break this production logic: an article in the search engine rankings, in the portal page position, determines its influence, if not a front page article is selected, it can produce the expected media influence will digestion.

The change in the standard of

, from the impact of media content, gradually spread to the media’s survival – in 2013 and 2014, a lot of excellent print media began to feel a dramatic decline in advertising revenue. At this time, Sina, micro-blog and other social media began to pop.

The second wave of

media experience is social networking. In the United States is Facebook, in China, 2010 – 2013 is Sina, micro-blog, after 2014, is WeChat’s circle of friends. To simplify the description, I’m talking about the Facebook and WeChat friends, a typical content distribution engine in the social media era.

, three months ago, I wrote that media content must be free because it is a symbiotic relationship with social networks

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