has to admit, for the user experience practitioners, the current environment is very good. Has arrived, everybody talks about the user, each family talks about the experience. Do the products should focus on the user experience, to have been recognized by everyone, but in some specific issues has not been a consensus, so the resistance in time, promote user experience difficulties, resulting in many of the company’s user experience Department useless, not play a role.

if you want to better promote the user experience work, you need to invest a lot of resources to the user experience research. The company’s aim is to pursue profits, and if the company invests in resources, it must first answer the following questions for the company: does the user experience really enhance the company’s competitiveness and bring additional profits to the company?

before answering these two questions, we need to know what the user experience is. The following is the definition of user experience by Baidu Encyclopedia: user experience (User Experience, also known as UE, UX) is a purely subjective feeling in the process of using the user to build up.

this definition is too general, inaccurate, so that everyone appears that they can represent the user, are with other PK user experience. If the user experience is not defined precisely, there is no criterion. You can’t quantify without standards. Without quantification, there is no data support. Without data support, it can not be convincing. As practitioners, to make you recognized, the top priority is to solve what exactly is the user experience, and its quantitative standards is what?.

from my work experience, the user experience is resolved as follows:

The object of the

1. user experience is not individuals, but a group of people, a group of people with the same attributes.


2. user experience is a study of how people in this group feel about using this product in a particular situation, and we shouldn’t think about other scenarios.

3., we examine how users feel when using this product for a particular purpose, without considering how the user moves the product into the way he uses it.

by combining the above three points, we conclude that the precise definition of user experience should be: a set of subjective feelings that a particular group of users can use to accomplish a particular purpose in a particular situation.

according to this precise definition, we can know that the following statements are wrong:

1., I stand at the user’s point of view, this place should be… You can’t stand at the user’s point of view, because you don’t have the same characteristics as your target audience, your education, your knowledge, your experience, and so on.

2., this product is customized for me, and I happen to be a member of the user base, so I think it should… – maybe you happen to be the user

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