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a few months ago, because some of the interest in the fortune telling network, especially a Henry fortune telling network, launched a mobile phone charges, fortune teller, probably counted as a 1-2 dollars. Do not underestimate the loopholes site, money absolutely than you think more than. His fortune telling program, the function is good, the interface can be used in Admin5 that was later sold to others, reselling reselling 15 pieces of a go, nobody wants, but personally think that a web application or data, less than 50 pieces sold, it is cheap for market and make yourself cheap. My fortune telling network also put up, not how SEO, but Baidu, Google also quickly included. One or two months, I sold 150 of this station to a friend who could meet SEO. He is very nice, but also with my analysis, I pointed out that many problems exist in the fortune telling program on the SEO, I have experience with admiration. During the period, he once said, "I suddenly Q, the Duke of Zhou" this keyword is good ah! A lot of people far more than the "fortune" attention! A lot more!! I asked how do you know? He sent a URL to the Baidu index I (Baidu index: I admit that I’m really behind the times. Oh, my brain used to know, seem, or something like this, but I never used it, and I didn’t know how useful it was. Now I see. I use the Baidu index he said, search the "Duke", surprised me


keyword "Duke", you will find the search volume greater than 50000!!! So many people pay attention to


data analysis:

then, I again in the Baidu web search, the Duke website ranked first (http://s.www 51jiemeng com), IP> 100 thousand PV>, Japan;

; 600 thousand!!!

Baidu, about 10200 pages, 0.001 seconds (Baidu),

has about 6730 entries that meet the WWW point 51jiemeng point com (Google)

(you see, his mother Ali statistics, although not absolutely accurate, but less than where the deviation), his web site was established at the end of 2006.


," he said in an advertisement for Ali’s mother: "



website Monday to Friday, independent IP 110 thousand, PV50 million, weekend IP about 90 thousand, PV 400 thousand or so, PR:4. >

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