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‘s articles for beginners are always very popular, and even friends on the roll call me to answer this question. Today, I put myself as a novice look, tell you how I feel about this a few years of learning, experience of work of the past few years, in recent years the industry development and change, and, if you want to engage in this industry, how to adapt to this change.

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many friends asked me, "I’m a newbie. Can you tell me how to analyze websites?"

I’m really afraid of this kind of problem, because it’s a big problem, and everyone’s situation is quite different.

novice, there may be several cases.

the first situation: love the Internet, have a good understanding of the experience of various websites. However, there is only a smattering of knowledge about how websites are profitable and how to promote them.

second cases: love the Internet, like to understand and think of the website profit model, read books, understand some network marketing methods, but without practice.

third cases: more familiar with the network marketing promotion, and also have experience, but still do not understand how to use the theory and tools of website analysis to analyze the effect of marketing.

three cases, learning website analysis, how to enter, there may be a world of difference. Today, I’m going to talk about the first situation, because friends in the first case are most in need of help. I will give these friends some advice that I think is practical and some of them are my own experience.

how does the first situation start


the first situation, in fact, many universities have just graduated friends may be this situation. This is some very young students, full of ideals, but also relatively confused, after all, everyone is so come over. These friends of the yearning of my heart, hope to be able to find as soon as possible to find their proficiency in a particular line, based on a party in a competitive and uncertain market.

in this case, how to start their own career, involving their own philosophy of life. Yes, I can’t say that. Your philosophy of life is to advance for their life experience is not setting a clear goal or have very clear objectives and with determination and will remain? These two kind of philosophy of life are not what is right or wrong, only with their own personality and beliefs. Because I was the former, so I study website analysis, enter the doorway is lucky, because when I graduated I cannot choose to take what the road, just like "the true story of Agam" in the floating feathers, it will float to where it belongs, but it is definitely not pre ready to go.

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