"how about XX building software?"

it is hundreds of thousands of small owners who often discuss the topic, whether Dedecms, Discuz such products or in the forum, Baidu Post Bar, know, will have tens of thousands of Posts kept asking every day. What tools do you care about? Free, full-featured, easy to use, fast, and profitable…… Of course we want it to be perfect, but such tools do not exist, and even world class software such as WordPress is still full of criticism.

as you all know, this year, Kang Sheng has released a new product, Discuz, X, and I can’t stand the curiosity, download, install, and try out one. The first feeling, Discuz! X function is indeed a lot, will be Kang Sheng before DZ, UCH, SS rub together, can be called a huge Transformers, you can one-stop to meet the needs of various sites. But doing everything is nothing, and such a colossus is clearly not what the average site needs.

forced functional packaging, so that the original site simply built SNS, forced to install BBS, CMS, not to mention the difficulty of their use, if these procedures have loopholes, really lost the wife and lose money. Unified style mandatory, might slow user switching when the page visual contrast, but ignored the most users care only interested in the site inside the plate, such as many users on the ZOL check quotation did not enter the BBS, also active in the IT168 forum users did not have to see the master on the evaluation of the article, do uniform style, but lost their own characteristics. More frightening is that it is more in force in all sectors of business users to pay a licensing fee, had only 3000 yuan fix BBS, now the price as high as 38000RMB, more than ten times the difference.

In fact,

Dedecms PHPCMS, PowerEasy CMS station and many other software from the original manager, has ballooned to a set of articles, pictures, download, video and other functions of the "universal" tools, like everything, get in by every opening. Many functions are the webmaster has consistently pursued, but so many functions for most sites idle how many, personal station free, but also said, enterprise site to spend some undeserved money is a bit unworthy. Once used by PHP168 station, feeling modular way it is very good, is a main program built a news show site, then led to increase the picture, video, installation of additional two module file is complete. Although PHP168 has many drawbacks, the flexibility of modularity is certain.

WordPress blog program can be popular in the world, in addition to flexible templates, plug-in expansion of its way also played a role in fueling. The program itself can only publish the article function, through the installation of plug-ins, you can increase edit pictures, traffic analysis, and even online trading functions. Recent >

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