was the first to say, in the short term up to tens of thousands of traffic is no problem (see how to make a website, many tens of thousands of short term traffic flow) friend add my QQ exchange with me, then talk about why he added a web site without the IP reaction, and then added an article on the emergency site (see article. Traffic plans station article). In order to improve this super weight, let’s add a search engine today.

here, first under a contempt "website promotion" master, I will be in the Admin5 article reproduced to its Sina blog, and then go head to tail left middle, as the "planning case", it is worse than beasts, you old we hated by both man and God! Reprint home things I did for opinion on the network the copy you are not afraid of you, but you don’t take the elderly people when you own things!

serious contempt!

, now, go on with our topic, don’t be influenced by the villain,


my small station, ANN, ANN, fast manuscript nets, because the writer group reasons for revision, revision after the situation with the new station difference is not big, anything is new. So, how do we make these new things fast search engine was caught? Of course, if the new station, the first choice is the search engine login, then is the web site login, then what is the post.

actually, there’s a stronger and faster way to do this. I think we should make good use of it.

well, now open the Baidu www.baidu.com and enter the "quick text" query. What do you see? It’s obvious that a lot of websites have obvious traces. Let’s just open a link and see what you’ve found. It’s nice. It’s an exchange chain system with self-help chains!

that’s the kind of system we’re going to talk about today.

do not know if you have not learned, gradually began to present popular network on such a swap chain, although not like "the first site navigation of the site to flow, but its affinity for the search engine that is not allowed to underestimate! This kind of system, because your site will be regarded as" the article "to deal with, so in the search engine, this is" fresh content "on the Internet, it will immediately receive it. Then, follow this article and start crawling to your website.

according to my experience, "the first site navigation like with the flow exchange function. The system can help us a lot of traffic, the effect is quite obvious, you can get yourself home gold position; but it is to help your website quickly enter the search engine in the nose, there are still some deficiencies. Because the biggest difference between the two systems is that the web site has only your link and the name you specify, while the self-help chain has the entire title of your site. This is equivalent to self-help chain free, give your web site to do a home page. Well, if you join multiple self-help chains >

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