since the media is a medium to speak in accordance with the text, if you want to go on the road from the media more long-term, then content marketing has become an essential skill. Push the content of depth, and sharp enough to win more people’s recognition and support. But the truth we know everything, but when the actual operation, we will fall into a dilemma, that is how to continue the creation of constantly tap their own potential, to achieve efficient creation? More and more grassroots began to complain about the bad writing articles from the media, can not write, you even can’t convince again how to move others? So in the face of such doubts, since the media how to solve, create a vision of

is no longer difficult?

seeks the material of creation from the life, the moment that is touched. We are grassroots, from the media, should be combined with life to literary creation. In most of my subscription numbers, everyone writes without exception, looking for material from life. Whether they know or understand the band chart, their writing is based on the details of life, and the details of the corresponding wisdom or skills. Can be said that although there is no grassroots resources, no contacts, but close to real life is our biggest advantage, because we know life will know what is of concern to everyone, with the most sincere words can be closer to the distance between the reader to a great extent, this record attempt not only allows the selection of materials is no longer a problem, also we will give the reader more popular words. We want to know about you, not what is your great coffee, but because we want to see you for some real opinions and suggestions, you are supposed to write some grassroots things about life, blind conceit will inevitably reduce their own creative space, so we have to keep in mind.

puts himself under pressure to try different creative subjects. Although we rely on words to fight the world, readers choose to pay attention to us because our own values and their corresponding, but this fan effect is not necessarily long-term, we need to constantly innovate and change. After all, a subject written more, everyone will be bored, as from the media, we should change. Moreover, changing our creative thinking will reopen new horizons and contribute to our further creation. After all, looking for features is far more tempting than insisting on being in a lot of media. Everyone knows that character is a key factor in a person’s independence from other groups. To find out, we are qualified to say that we have a foothold. Secondly, for the content itself, we must continue to learn and refine the content of excellent sources, continue to correct their existing form, continue to challenge different shelter, then find the means of writing most can put in the attempt. And the theme of literary creation rises again and again, and it is just for us to improve. It will make the creation difficult.

learns to add points to other people’s abilities. From the competition between the media, but also can learn from each other. There are times when other people’s strengths can be our tools to improve ourselves. Once you know it, success is the easiest thing to do

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