Fu Yung sister network to another exciting, it is said that each day at the same time there are more than 5000 people in the new photos of her, an unremarkable, the woman was not surprising why so much, must have her differences, "do" or "show" or create eye effect is the most important. Attracted to the eye, interest generated, can bring economic effects, our webmaster dug hollow thinking to get this is not it, better to learn from this network of red learning.

Sister Lotus can be red, this is not an accidental phenomenon, although she has been forward in slobber frenzy, but still have a large number of entertainment seekers, some people love it is because of her unique charm, and her charm in? How to apply to our slightly deserted website? We can learn better site owners, in the lotus is also the body to see how their own shadow?


. Lotus

confidence, no one has questioned, let us look at how she is confident: "I was persistent between heaven and earth and rebellious happy spirit, not as beautiful angel face, but as kind-hearted angel devil; no sexy figure, but the devil crazy passion." Such confidence is probably Diana, Monroe alive, but also feeling better?

is confident of success, especially in website development, finds out the deficiency of similar sites, and then combined with its own characteristics, and then with a hundredfold confidence, seize a whoop and a holler of their own unique characteristics, which impressed the people.

confidence is especially important in the face of competition. There is no confidence, no more cattle, no money, no more resources. "Three thousand more can swallow Wu, the end of Bai Qin Guan chu." Want to own and are engaged in the cause of Baoding firm belief, a kind of Red Army Wumeng majestic walk Niwan "zhuanghuai and momentum.

: patient characteristics of two Sister Lotus

no matter how others (especially the characters in the network) misunderstand me and abuse me, I will calmly wait for the moment when the truth is out." This is one face pressure attitude she slobber, really is, "people laugh at me too crazy, I smile the world see through, this is a stick, a free and easy, is also a kind of spirit of tolerance.


" can tolerate ordinary people can not ninja, can bear ordinary people can not bear the weight of ordinary people can not become a cause." The network has been very lively, in recent years, after a series of reforms in the Internet, but the owners suddenly become less passionate, perhaps this is also a kind of patience. Although as a heavyweight has issued a manifesto, but in response to sound is very small, he must have the kind of no helpless Sister Lotus dance. Maybe patience is a mature process, as we would like to see the same sister Furong new photo, pay attention to the network of people, also.

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