Hello, I give you were told "first website operation operation plan" and "second SEO website optimization scheme" in the first two times, is the two website operation early in the second program writing method, I see some readers reflect the content mentioned some unintelligible, I also after repeated viewing, also called friends and colleagues have seen, the result is the author in the writing of the topic was not clear, leading readers think this article is to introduce the SEO method instead of writing SEO program, this gives you an apology, next time I will pay attention to.

The contents of each

share is step by step, through a series of articles about the author for some cognition of the website operation, the author will try to do this work, but also firmly believe that will bring you some help. In short, you read happy, happy, happy, support and support. Next to the point, I want to with you about today is "third web site operators — how to do user experience" of this article is to share technology articles, is no longer the first two scheme of writing skills, this article focus on the actual operation of share. As we all know, the user experience of the website often determines the loyalty of the user to the website. I believe that no one will support the website where the user experience is very poor. Well, what are the user experience of the website? Where do you need to start? The following author will share the user experience of Jiangxi industrial real estate network,


one, improve the user experience, you need to enhance the core content of the site itself

for our users, the results of his search online, the closer to his expectations, the higher his satisfaction, which is understandable. Good user experience of Web site to the user first must be the first feeling I enter this website this website I knew what to do, whether it is I need to know! I understand the knowledge required here to find. Therefore, the website operation is the first step, the author locates in the construction of the core content of the website itself.

two, website visual effects

with the development of human society, people for good things always have a friendly attitude, when you see a well-dressed and well-dressed girl in the street, she will give us a pleasant feeling! As a proper design, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout of the site. The user first visit will also feel happy. At the same time, search engine friendly friendly, on the other hand also suggested to minimize the expression of some graphic content for flash element, because the search engine is still not divided in flash text and links, because visual friendly is friendly to the user first step.

three, website functionality adds the necessary interaction to

yes, the highest level of user experience is to do good communication and interaction with users, and only do so, we will continue to enhance the level of the site. Every web site should have a soul, and you must let users >

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