as one of the thousands of grassroots in China, I am deeply honored, because so many people to participate in, it shows that the industry is so chaoyang. Ha ha, talk less.

In fact,

began to place classified sites do not know much, at first glance like a site navigation station, and look a bit like Taobao, but did not pay, things are no more than Taobao and so on, of course, this is when I was a young man of ignorance view. I think a grassroots, if you decide to do a classification website, first you have to ask yourself the following questions:

1. tentative idea how to make money

do not want to make money standing, it is not the webmaster. If you don’t want to make money, then I’m sorry you have to sweat, and you have to have a strong impulse to make money, to make you more money to drive, but not impulsive, but not a fad. How to make money? If you are a person, not what the team, so I think the first can make you make money is to sell advertising, because you do offline activities or pull what sponsorship is not possible, some people say that traffic can also earn money ah, wrong, can not be classified information by the flow of survival. Of course, there are a lot of tricks to get the money, and that’s for you to think about.

2. how to attract sellers

this is more difficult, especially in the beginning, when your site also had all the time, you can put a little news, do you want to copy some ads up? Haha, I think a lot of sorting station has just begun to do so, this is not cheating. Because the information we put is true. It’s just from somewhere else. It’s sort of like backdoor listing. Well done will soon attract people, and I can’t do it well. My Guangxi took the wrong step and took an empty website to attract merchants. Now say it is stupid, let you learn a lesson.

3. how to attract buyers

I think this station is to attract buyers or sellers of goods, is our service, so when you say to attract sellers, buyers also followed, beginning to go through our sale two possible indirect promotion to their will, we would like a matchmaker after some time they can leave us, and you are attracted to each other, the day we have half the success.

4. how to charge

free of charge?

since the beginning we cannot charge (except for their expert) and promotional duties, when you grow to a certain extent (feel that others cannot do without you, ha ha) you can do whatever they want, instead of receiving income, how to achieve this degree is not a person I want to do at that time, all of the grassroots things. I’m just talking about the timing. Charges can not be too early, nor can not be too long, no charge, when others free habits, may also prefer not to use. Just.