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card. This chance, from a chat with a credit card cash business boss. Later that evening a query about the credit card Google trend was found to be much higher than the net marriage (my main business is to do this marriage proposal nets). Read a few peer websites, planning the function, with less than two weeks, the site functions, and applied for a domain name ka121.cn, the site in April 26th on the line. If you don’t believe it, you can check the date of registration.

remember at the end of May day, I inquired about the card. PR value has reached 4, surprised me. The specific time was forgotten and it was later known that Google was the PR value that was changed in May 28th. 1187 is the network card today’s independent IP traffic, although just over 1000, and most of them are from search engines, I also feel very satisfied. Relatively hard to do this two years of marriage proposal nets, net card can not be said to be the development of a speeding up to now, although the page is very simple, simple to make myself feel feel shy.


card. The PR value increased so fast, and the search engines can bring so much traffic. Today I am here to talk about, that is summed up, but also to share with you.

PR has been able to in less than a month will be able to reach 4, the first is this marriage proposal nets play a key role. Because set this line for more than a year, in terms of content, or popularity, are counted on large portal sites, the PR value was 4, 5 months, has reached 4. Because is own website, wants to use her to make any article, does not need to ask for help. The first is the announcement in the announcement, published on the news, while doing these on this marriage proposal nets, are not in line with the positioning of the site, ha ha, who is her own child (I have to set this called his daughter), adults have things. Do children come to help ah. You know, in this marriage proposal nets, second days of Baidu, Google will be able to search.

second, every day I set this time in the publishing industry news, are at the bottom of a network card website www.ka121.cn.

third, the contents of the warranty card network are updated every day, especially the front page of the news.

fourth, during which there are several sites to exchange Links to my present marriage, I have promised them very readily, but the increase is also a condition to put my card. The Links plus. So, today, my card. Do not take the initiative to Links who exchanged. And there’s no real link.

fifth, because want to beautify the interface, the interface design of the network card to posts on other sites, although we did not find a suitable art, but the purpose of publicity is.