first of all, let me first talk about the analysis I have done with tools such as Excel, and the difference between using these off the shelf data platforms.

1, will use tools to do their own analysis, not limited to Taobao, this era, what industry has data, if mastered, you do what can be applied to. Taobao index or Ali index can only be limited to Taobao this piece.

2, with a ready data platform, requires only the ability to read data and almost does not have to do it by itself. Perhaps 100 people, 10 people can understand these data and apply these data, if you want to do their own analysis, there may be only 100 of 2-3 people have this ability. Often the opportunity to analyze their own will be a little more than others.

, let’s return to the topic. This one is for a small seller or a prospective seller. A prospective seller is a friend who is about to become a seller. Because we do not have data cube at this time, there is no life e, but do not fear, still do analysis.

puts forward a concept: [risk control]

in any case, business needs to control risk and minimize the risk of business activities. But these 4 words, especially for small sellers or quasi sellers, are extremely important, because we can not afford the risk. Like a leaf boat in the sea, a wave came, it will disappear, in this case I think too much.

therefore, learn to control risk and minimize risk.

well, then, just watch the numbers with me.

Taobao index:


advanced to the charts. Pay attention to the information, such as statistics, time, and the ranking type. Here is the search rank


[here can be found in the keyword "crit", keyword associated with the product, this is an entrance. Such as windbreaker, increased by about 5 times, we choose a growth in the product, with the growth of this product demand, it is relatively easy to do some. [


sees is going to search and verify, because we have to rule out artificially made markets and suffer losses if I go into this market. Originally, [dust coat] this word is Taobao’s support word. No problem.


we should pay attention to, first of all to see the search rankings, the data is compared to the previous week’s gains. Statistical time in the upper right corner, this should pay attention to.