two days ago to share the site, and do business, like speculation, the article address: aid=433093 today, to share the details of the hype. The previous article introduces the activities of the program and details of the activities are not discussed here, and now begin to share in other forums how to hype activities and website promotion techniques.

when the forum a few period will produce some loyal members, we can think of a way to try to keep these members, let them continue to make contribution to the forum, the forum can be used of functions, and they communicate frequently, let them suggestions. Make them feel very warm, they are important. Naturally, they will pay more for the forum and try to pull them together as other forums hype up.

register several accounts in other large forum, if there is a IP limit, we can use VPN for IP to apply, Baidu VPN has a website where you can apply for 20 minutes and the probation time, 20 minutes enough for us to complete the registration on time to the post, in the a new registration account for 20 minutes, we try to register several account using this method, what account avatar does not need to be modified, if the forum must modify the picture before you can post it to modify.

analysis of the target forum, such as their management system, the greatest degree of advertising can be accepted, for example some forum can directly address the website, but some can’t directly address the website forum.

understand their management mode, we in the activities of the forum for speculation, each winning experience are not the same, so winning membership after the receipt of goods to send a card, take the prize photo sharing process. Then we can reprint such a post to other forums, if you leave the URL is not deleted, then try to leave the URL, if you can not leave the URL, then add watermarks to the picture, add content in the name of the site. Remember, such speculation post can not be too much hair, we send 1,2 post a day, you can, as far as possible from time to time, after the release of frequent concern, the post Shen, with other small top.

forum to share some of their more interesting pictures, pictures with watermark on the forum, Youku find a written industry related video, VideoStudio of video editing, add the name of the web site and web site. Or to foreign video sites to find some of the industry’s classic video, edited to Youku, in the video sent to other forums. Remember, video ads do not overdo it, or it will be deleted by forum management.

answer: recent speculation, such as this forum as if the fire ah, QQ group chat suddenly emerge a * * * network activities to send prizes, see download information, but also more than a * * * network consolidation, visit the forum also often see its shadow, you met? "