today’s weather is very gloomy, rain drop from the clouds of Nanchang city recently and some easing of elevated temperature, give a person a kind of cool feeling. However, such a day, I have witnessed the fragility of life, just in front of me, a traffic accident took a living life.

rushed to the company with a heavy heart and began another day’s work, because I was working as director of operations at SEO, so it was very touching about the traffic accident today. Every day to face the company’s Web site, for the company on the network development, it is like a life in general, and constantly thrive.

in the process of its growth, the flow in this middle plays a decisive role, a no flow of Web site, just like the people who have lost their lives, like a pool of stagnant water. And to get huge traffic, we can not leave the major search engines, which led by Baidu, which occupies more than 60% of China’s share, it can be said that the occupation of Baidu will have traffic.

just to let your own website how to get Baidu’s Pro gaze, to get more from the Baidu search engine to traffic? Here I through the inside and outside the two directions to discuss the specific problem.

one, internal factors.

talking about internal factors, a lot of people will think I’m going to talk about the original article, but otherwise, I want to talk about the internal factors, more is to talk about promotion, but not the original article. I think we all know, let us write the original article is what is the reason? Not because search engines more pro gaze in the original article, for the original article included, that is definitely better than reprint, collection on many times.

to the internal factors about here refers to the absolute abundance of content, regardless of what you write is good, or even reprinted from others or not, or the direct use of software acquisition, it is always a word is to have a huge content base. Because only when your website has enough content, and these contents have been included in the search engine, then the search engine gives you traffic will naturally become more and more slowly.

two, external factors

external factors here are divided into several blocks, they are:

1, related to the chain

included to increase the content of the web site, the chain can be said to be essential, through the pages in the field of website released some of the chain to their own website, to attract the spider into the site, included promotion of website content.

2, operation method

Just by pointing to the

of the chain is not enough, we should also through the third party platform: micro-blog, WeChat and so on means of drainage and retain old customers and reach two times, three times until repeatedly into in order to directly improve the website.