yesterday wrote that "don’t expect another" expert "can teach you what to write well, but we also top up, thank you for your support, especially the 7 floor network marketing (222.214.206.*) here is what he said:" in addition to tell you is not what the so-called SEO the secret of win win in details, if you are using open source words what comparable? Good standing source is generally the one and only ~ and almost all of the original, ADMIN5 is not a graph king build out, many webmaster to create here, this is leveraging the principle. The other is a life of the problem, being successful wherever you do what the industry will be successful to send you a word: if a person of everything for the sake of others, so that people do not have to worry about their own future. "

, here I thank you for your comments, agree with your views and opinions, today to talk about a person from his original absolutely ignorant of now come to mix in the circle of people every day, some of the past, no experience, perhaps is a memory of it, do not always think about a webmaster to expect others, expect others to help you what? A simple mistake maybe you QQ ask friends, two minutes to solve, to find out if an estimated two hours can not solve by themselves, this is not an exaggeration, but with these two kinds of treatment methods are the result of problem solving, but on your own, that let you have a deeper understanding and perception of the industry, I believe everyone will understand.

remember just get started, I was able to study all night for others rather baffling things (modify the network to download the source code). To night and friends, they are either CS or MM chat, then do not know what is the server, no money to buy space, free space. Don’t stop FTP upload, modify uploaded, and then press F5 to refresh. See revised look, a look of joy. Then slowly began to grow, this period is most in need of help, because too many do not understand. I asked, ask around QQ, now thanks to the group of friends, I ask a lot of things seem very naive now. They are happy to answer, but then gradually. I also feel some cold and impatient.

I began to look at what I do, then I found that the two methods can be somewhat mitigated under their own state (Baidu or GG+ feel shy to ask questions in the Forum Search). Gradually I to these two methods combined with exploration began a period of growth. During this period, a few good friends of great help to me, I have part of the foundation, they only need to show how can be. They are also very happy. The question is not a lot. Here the key is patience. Many people encounter a problem is the first to ask the QQ flick past, then ask this how how how… Over, good point to say thank you, all right no answer. Because he will find it a waste of time, why should I go to search? Why do I have to go to.