"a website earns ten thousand a year, and if you do one hundred sites, it’s one million a year!"

allows you to search for the customer rather than let customers to find you, "the network is so easy and convenient, when each kind of profit model was known to the public, then only the innovative marketing mode can make you more for a long time on the Internet to survive. From the intermediary network Taobao to meet the people on the virtual network, convenient and curious commodity price advantage, a superb collection of beautiful things intermediary network to meet the Witkey part-time people and freedom of occupation, rely on advertising to meet the profit flow movie station is not TV time control group, strength website construction team to meet the enterprise online marketing decoration services, intermediary website home station to meet those who do not love to remember the URL of the lazybone, intermediary rich to join the station today to meet modern people’s psychology, entrepreneurship space domain business achievement not many webmaster have the most basic service needs, there are many ways to share cyber source to meet different consumer groups today’s virtual, so there are too many, and you are also a kind of what kind of way to attract people from different places,


a few days ago to do nearly ten years of construction site friend sent a link to me, also is the key construction sites in Guangzhou, I was surprised to find a two level domain name / folder URL was ranked so good, suddenly had another mode of thinking, because we have done so much the station is just one or more keywords corresponding to a station to station ranking, why do not all are integrated in a stand up, of course, must master is to take a lot of effort!

general webmaster have several to many stations, actually use your foot interconnected system can also make their own benefit for a lifetime, just do a station, each station maintains a need time, in fact, this is not a problem, because you can hire cheap employment difficulties in talent today or, you only need to use your head, the cheapest online shops rent out, also can get the ultimate Many a little make a mickle., the premise is your site keywords ranking must rely on, how rankings have many articles, I will not say more, as to what the transition optimization is cheating, so repeat keywords is K and so on, I don’t agree with this argument is absolute, it is difficult to see me are the exception, do not believe you can enter the Chongqing fine arts training, see below that What painting – wing, no matter inside the title or description and keywords repeated more than twenty times, obviously is piled up, the main page content there is also cheating contact white content, the station since the station for more than a year, Baidu has so graciously? For this station, I also please a Keywords: Domain name www.meishupeixun.net station to challenge the industry, of course, I was doing the country, go up, there is no place, this is actually a studio boss has been set up, the site put into use before and after the taxi rank and he, he is also very willing to, of course, rental site