China economy is still in the initial stage of reform and opening up, as long as to earn money in business; online shopping is still in the Chinese time wilderness stage of development, put things on Taobao to sell. The former can be summed up as policy dividend and demographic dividend, the latter can be attributed to the flow bonus. It is often said that history is always strikingly similar. I think, on the bonus point, except WeChat electricity supplier.

WeChat as the most popular mobile social applications, because of the accumulation of a large number of users and more and more in-depth life of Internet users, and become the most eagerly awaited mobile electricity supplier city. In May 29th, a WeChat store opened the electricity supplier WeChat windows of paper.

WeChat electricity supplier will go where? A new generation of entrepreneurs in the face of WeChat electricity supplier should make what kind of judgment and choice, which may be a lot of entrepreneurs these days are thinking about. I think, WeChat electricity supplier no bonus, 99% small businesses will not play WeChat electricity supplier.

first of all, traffic thinking can not adapt to WeChat electricity supplier and mobile electricity supplier gameplay. It must have been scorned by many experts. As a practitioner of entrepreneurship and an experienced user as an ordinary user, the reasons for this view are:

1, WeChat’s electricity supplier era is the product of the electricity supplier era, that is, the era of goods. Taobao and Tmall, Jingdong, Dangdang and other electronic business platform, its logistics, systems, front end, around the goods in the design, in operation. Users on these places is to think of a good commodity to go, search, parity, open communication software, single payment, leave. And WeChat electricity supplier era is a people (also users) as the center of the times, almost all of the operations and promotion are around people to turn, and the product is only commercial realization of the carrier. This is one, and the logic of business has changed.

2, Taobao and Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang and other electronic business platform is relatively open platform, and thus have "open" traffic. These so-called "open flow" is becoming a platform for money enrichment business. Platform side by paying part of the "free" things, to attract massive users, to create their own standards and marketing tools, so that businesses began to bid for potential users of all walks of life products. The main forms include: keyword search, ranking and display fees, commodity display advertising fees, basic service charges, payment charges. But WeChat electricity providers and mobile providers are almost traffic islands. Do you have a WeChat world attention and user traffic to see your personal charm and influence; independent channels of distribution in the APP APP mall in addition to get traffic, is no longer an open place can be a large number of users touch; some of the existing micro shop platform is also facing the problem. This is two, the mobile age is relatively closed because of more personalized and personalized.

3, mobile providers will not just move PC electricity supplier online so simple. I think the future of real shopping positions should be: