if there were no shell nets, we might have a smattering of science.

nutshell network has been used in layman’s language, user-friendly way to peel the scientific shell. People with research backgrounds help the public understand the scientific expertise correctly, both fresh and interesting, while maintaining a rigorous knowledge.

not only that, the shell network through effective operation, gathered a group of people who identify with science, forming a discussion is divided into a strong community.

and starting from the community, and gradually spawned many different content sub brand, and gradually expand their influence circle, to shape a stronger influence.

nutshell network product operations director Chen, previously in the MindStore entrepreneurial community’s MindTalk online share among them, made a wonderful answer.


he first summed up the shell network in the course of 5 years of development, has experienced 3 stages, to solve 2 problems.

in the first stage, the shell net is a vertical scientific medium.

second stage, shell forming a community of scientific enthusiasts.

In the third phase of the

, the shell network is not only the media, the community, but also provides vertical services related to life. The last two years, shell network explored a new direction, positioning and before very different, this transformation is how to do


first from the perspective of the user entry, a shell network user what is special? First of all, in five years of operation, we have a variety of user roles to join in, from the beginning of scientists, science writer and editor of science and technology, to love the good, and now the public user.

users gradually expand, users become more complex, user behavior varies widely.

how to meet these usually have no relevance to the user? What kind of products and means of operations to allow these users to live in peace, but also the collision of more value? Is one of our biggest problem.

the second question is how to respond quickly to changes in the market. How to keep the team alive? We often run into this problem during our operations.

, especially in the nutshell network development to third stages, vertical and living operations, this problem has become particularly prominent.

How does the

shell make science authors a star?

nutshell network in the three stages of development, we encountered operational problems, as well as we have to try. To tell you the truth, we don’t think all our attempts are correct, or I’ve solved all the problems. So I will tell you the problems we have encountered, and I hope to let you know