ruthless school abandoned me, and suddenly found that the poor, have no good to cherish it. Three years of "Ba" about the past, not full.

I don’t know what to do right now, this is my own decision, so these words not only in the online m of any real people who know me to say.

graduated, the school is divided. Of course, it’s not necessarily a good business or something. But the school itself is stable if it is a part of it. I resolutely abandoned this stability, and chose to do my best with the students and teachers together to do the site, that is, the webmaster. In this way, I am a novice, because their school read the professional mold, so in the computer can only play games, in the website of the production is an idiot, perhaps because the original ideas are not mature enough, what also don’t want to just got into this industry, this industry, it completely depends on your own. Rely on Baidu, brother. Without Baidu, there would be no majority of Chinese stations.

himself rolled out to do the site, the industry has a month and a half, harvest (earn RMB 0). This kind of thing in this one and a half months, not afraid of public, graduation has just begun, but often in understanding more about the website knowledge, at the same time, more of this unemployed confidence. Every day in the online collection of some of the information, to learn some knowledge, most of the things are of no help, or even misleading, but I am a novice, it can only see people write stuff, not analysis.

time is flowing day by day, times a day. Every day for his update, modify the content, every day with their own can know the technology to beautify their website, every day seriously to learn some of their own can not analyze, is right or wrong knowledge. Every day I think about when I can earn my first money. I’m thinking about when I can’t keep it up. What do people look like in their own eyes?.

who can show me a bright road? Am I right to use this road?. As a professional reading mold, and then set foot on the site of this road young man, the article is not written well, you forgive me.