I just apply for an electronic commerce work, my boss will push to the front page site keywords, website content is on the balcony wall mounted flat plate solar, solar energy, air source heat pump water heater, for me a recent college graduate who come into contact with such a environmental protection industry, feeling good at the website, the website domain found many problems, age five months before the interview, I also found that the site is included, when to start work, the site is Baidu K station, after a week’s time I will restore the site included, here to share with you a little experience:

I’m starting to touch this station. Http://s.hehejnkj.com/ has a lot of problems:

1, and 360 and other non IE kernel browser incompatible: home interface confusion, QQ customer service features lead to web pages deformation, the background editor can not enter;

The whole point of

2, Baidu K, Baidu snapshot, included;

3, the website only company name, a keyword, all pages title (title), keywords (keyword), description (description) all consistent;

4, no link module;

5, part of the link error, can not open the web page.

for this series of problems, I have worked out a SEO work plan, every day according to plan revision and optimization of the website.

first, let the programmer to solve the incompatible problems, then according to the boss will design ten keywords (for an enterprise website some more, but the index is not high) and then let the programmer for the website each page or each news with different contents, design different title, keywords and description.

After doing the basic work of

, I also have a preliminary understanding of the website and the flat panel solar industry. Get started on the issue of Web sites being K.

The first step of

analysis, the website is the cause of the K (there are a lot of reasons, said the Internet right down the website such as HI tags, space effect, the server is not stable, for these, I find out some possible reasons for this site)

1, according to the site’s 5 months of age, should also gradually stabilized, but because no management, almost two months without updating, perhaps this is the cause;

2, website title, keyword, description all consistent, the content of the article reproduced all big web content, is likely to lead to Baidu judge is not user experience garbage station;

3, the site did not record, use foreign space, the same IP space, there are more than 200 sites, may be affected by other sites, resulting in being K;

4, the most promising reason, Baidu natural update led to a normal not included.

5, the chain is rarely >