my station is industrial technology website has been pure, honest do stand, rarely think optimization, with their own hands to succeed in this field! However because of that 17 dollars, blocked by Baidu, now 150 thousand pages only more than 2000! Speechless! Only I stand with Claudia (old customer) and Google, and the popularity of the 3/4, though not very hurt the body, but still very angry! To write it! Then people don’t detours!

in November in order to increase the income of the website, the idea of trying to register Baidu promotion, registered N, always show your web site for Baidu promotion, I faint, 150 thousand pages, more than 30000 IP in the industry, but also a little bit of fame, this answer is really funny! Then reply to Baidu, found people are automatically return to the email machine, so don’t blame Baidu, they did not engage in not understand! Finally in the station, behind around learning, help, finally registered a Baidu promotion, the feeling is a baby, decided in the best position, but those pages are Google, Ali mama advertising there are some companies advertising etc.. Although I understand that "and Google, Ali mom put ads may be blocked station", but I firmly believe that the body is not afraid of the shadow oblique.

in December, I put the Baidu ad, wait a month later found that Baidu is not bad, but also a month to earn 10 yuan, I think the beginning, for some time should be OK,


08 years January 6th, earn more and more, one day still can earn 2, very happy

in January 10th 08 found how few people come and see the forum! Baidu to IP greatly reduced in, 150 thousand pages only more than 2000. Realized the site has been closed, confused, I do wrong


finally go around to find the answer in the final lock "and Google, Ali mother advertising has been sealed station", further understanding, you sign up for Baidu products, such as Baidu promotion, Baidu TV, and Baidu Post Bar promotion, gave clues to punish you. Maybe I’m too confident. In order to only 17 dollars, Baidu closed my station, speechless, now I have removed all the Baidu advertising, try not to contact with Baidu, for their own development, to stay away from Baidu!