said that although the Internet resources are shared, and many people are still pursuing the world article a copy of the idea to run the website, the website content basically is on the Internet or directly reproduced copy, this website is very difficult to survive very well, even be search engine K station, so now many webmaster will be appropriate for the original or false original method to increase the content of the website

!After the

website construction, to carry out the promotion, now the best promotion methods or through the promotion, but a good, but not easy to get, find it very difficult to write, to know the soft writing requirements than the content of the website is much higher, so many people think of copying method copy some very popular on the Internet such as soft Wen, recently this time for her to promote their own websites, to know that these methods can only help you get in a certain flow, not enough to extend the effect that viral, so write original text is the promotion of


to write original soft, good webmaster what nature is not difficult, but most of the webmaster write soft feel very difficult, because we do not have good soft writing skills, but soft writing is not difficult, as long as a good grasp of the skills you can easily write viral soft


: a review of the use of hot events, current, with soft advertising their own website in the review process, the review method is generally divided into praise and disparagement, can also be based on the method of recognition can also be ugly, bad method about which is high, this is the rebound Pipa writing skills. In addition to soft writing, especially on hot events comments, often can use stereotyped writing style of writing, that is introduction, naturally can achieve good soft Wen


two: to be a news like the title for the text, a good article, the title is certainly very attractive, take now small month for incident, many titles are in small month main keywords, because now the small month has risen to a news vocabulary, just like the lotus Xifeng, when made, is now taught in Furong, worship God, as the title of the month itself showed small words to attract people, of course, the title will be content, around the title to creation, the article is not a constant is long, as long as a case study to explain a word is enough!

three: write your own experience or write novels, written narrative estimation for everyone to write, or article like ordinary set down a series of facts in the form of written, as long as we write in running account, will be the end of the story to write, and then set up by means of suspense, written to flashback to attract people, then set up several conflicts in the middle, like Chekhov’s novels, or Ouhengli novels, still be able to catch people’s attention, even a very short text can also obtain the viral marketing effect, when >