Baidu search engine has been different today, in the past, the algorithm has been quite different from years ago. Webmaster in doing SEO before you know, search engine has been very perfect, the former SEO practices have been completely eliminated, Baidu will let you stand by K, 10 Fen left.

new rules updated, Baidu put forward a lot of requirements, for some soft Wen trading platform related website expressed resentment, put forward to the soft text of the chain, keyword stack opposition. Baidu also does not like the content of the collection and replication, and they are very clear. Now that Baidu has said so, we’ll try not to do anything that Baidu likes.

, of course, Baidu doesn’t like popups, bad ads, content, etc.. These content will be added to the Baidu scoring system, spam content more, ranking is not high, and now I will talk about some of the common rules SEO, let us in-depth understanding.

one, new online website, do not hang advertisement. New sites to search engine a good first impression, the first impression is not good, search engine to such a positioning, you later web site don’t remember. Now the stage is to lay a good foundation, the foundation is not good, it can not enter a good stage of development.

two, on-line after the site to promote, content quality must be high, as much as possible to write some original articles. Because there are many articles on the Internet have been copied to copy, and these articles have become garbage articles, spiders climb good original articles will be included, climb over junk articles will reduce the impression of the site. Baidu search engine rules were changed, pay more attention to the original, do not have a lot of good, will be included in the search engine.

three, early promotion should pay attention to the content and the chain, the so-called content for the emperor, the chain is king. In the release of articles, but also pay attention to the construction of the chain, in the chain content to highly relevant, other I don’t say much. The chain should pay attention to quality, Baidu had used the chain number of site points, and now has been different, the chain should pay attention to quality, quality assurance in order to do the number, quality is not good, the chain number is nothing, sometimes lead to site is down right.

four, do a good job of user experience, which is the original intention of Baidu algorithm update. To provide users with the most abundant, most reliable and most practical resources, is the most important responsibility of the webmaster. To retain more users will allow users to have pleasure and a sense of trust in access to resources, the best people linger feeling. User experience, but the release of high-quality articles, do a wealth of related internal chain, the site structure, beautiful interface, simple operation, direct and so on.


we need to understand the search engine content and some new rules of SEO points, and through the constant practice of that law, in the hope the spectators to see my article to express my thoughts, we discuss together.