from the "Wei Zexi" incident began, more and more public events broke out, began to shift from micro-blog know. From the high end of the knowledge community to the gathering place of those who broke the news, once the knowledge has almost gone forever, so knowing the future will become another micro-blog?





on July 13th, there was an anonymous post that broke off Qian Chen’s departure. The post is directed at the differences and contradictions between Luo Yonghao and hammer executives on hammer, T3, nut 2, and Smartisan OS3.0 on product roadmap. Just 1.5 hours, the answer has won more than 1800 praise.

then, the major media began to pay attention to the incident and follow the news.

we don’t comment on the event itself. But through this, we have noticed an interesting trend, and an increasing number of public events are beginning to shift from micro-blog.

from the "Wei Zexi" incident to the old "mineral water" incident, know almost the tipping point is becoming more and more public events.

at the time of the "Wei Zexi" incident, the parties have been known in more than several times about the issue of synovial sarcoma.


and in the knowledge of the expression of "Baidu", at that time did not know how evil".



Wei Zexi event timeline

in these explosive events caused universal concern, the spread of social topics, micro-blog, WeChat and traditional media has played a huge role in the two spread, but play a decisive role is still known — the outbreak in the know, events to develop information for the first time disclosed in the know on the critical comments on the event are completed by the users know almost. Know almost has become WeChat, micro-blog, post bar after the fourth pole.

so what makes this change so that an original knowledge sharing platform has become a "platform for breaking down" or a "hodgepodge"?

"evaporative cooling effect" brought about by a surge in user volume and a drop in content quality

The knowledge of the

invitation system is a real elite platform, and some older users see it as a golden age.

we can not deny that the knowledge of that period was much more pure than today and more like a high-end knowledge sharing community. But in the Internet age, purity often means vulnerability and sustainability. With the knowledge of open registration, the most popular features of the older users begin to become vulnerable, many old users are therefore far away from the know.