since the economic crisis, the small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce development is asked to help the grass, have to the door, suddenly, have built a corporate Web site, but the problem is that what used to put our


rental server or virtual host? You ask me, I see you, and finally choose the virtual host to hold the banner of website construction.

What is the

virtual host? We know very well, not because of the cheap price, completely suitable for enterprises from scratch, to transition yangmingliwan, let professional service providers to do the professional thing for us. Let’s just think about how to buy it.

one, the price level: buyers are most concerned about. Can buy cheap products, of course, the best, but also can not be too persistent in prices, otherwise easy access to the trap of some businesses. After all, the value of the product and the vast majority of the price is proportional to, to select excellent quality, in order to ensure the stability of the site. In the early stage, when there is no popularity, you can choose some strength, reputable service providers of low-end products, after all, the tree cool shade.

two and IP address can access: if the enterprise web site users will face the domestic, then to consider the question of the company’s virtual host IP address in the country whether you can successfully access. If you buy less access, but also refund more troublesome, such as PowWeb, this is a very good host in foreign countries, but his IP in the domestic visit is not complete, you can not buy.

three, stability of the good: including server and company two aspects of stability. We should pay more attention to the website the license number, ISP or IDC license number: ISP and IDC license is not able to apply to the company, only those who have the strength and credibility of the service providers scrutinized in order to obtain; while the ICP license, refers to the "Internet content provider", the law does not provide custody business. In addition, these factors must be taken into account, such as bandwidth resources, power systems, air conditioning systems, safety systems, self building machines, and so on.

we do not want to be put in the website from time to time in doing push ups on the server, does not want to encounter this kind of "primitive", there is a problem with missing.

four, traffic restrictions and after-sales service: in general, they provide relatively adequate flow. Now many businesses under the "unlimited flow", "unlimited CPU", "unlimited IIS" banner for promotion. However, telecom, Netcom and other infrastructure operators have restrictions on the flow of service providers, how to ensure that this commitment? So now about the flow of a search on the Internet a lot of complaints. Due to the lack of professional technical staff at the site, so after the failure of all hope to be repaired in time, 24× 7 hours of technical support services have become very important.

five, the use of VPS erected web site: the virtual host, the site will seize resources between each other, >